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Alamo Hot Rod Parts is Miles ahead of the Competition. It is easy to see why.

I'll Start by saying I know nothing about Cars. I can barely fix a flat tire and that was by trial and error. In working with Alamo Hot Rod Parts, a local business that has been in the community for over 30 years, I started having a better appreciation for Cars. Not just regular cars but Vintage Cars, Race Cars and Muscle Cars. There is a HUGE "Cars" community out there and Owner Gordon Leland, who is over 70 years old, still loves to head on over to the race track on weekends and enjoy the races! "We are so grateful the San Antonio and Central Texas community has embraced our business" Gordon said. Every year he takes trips all across the US for races and applies the same passion he has for the sport into his business.

Alamo Hot Rod Parts is one of the largest suppliers of Drag Racing and Hot Rod Parts in all of Texas. They are also a supplier of VP Fuel and Nitrous Oxide also being one of the biggest in Central and South Texas. Gordon sees clients from all over Texas and sometimes the US! "We had a man from Michigan who was in town and visited us because he knew who we are" Said Gordon. You can sometimes see Gordon driving around town in his 1957 Chevy that looks not just brand new but also runs as smooth any new car (I got a ride!!). Gordon loves helping those Do-It-Yourself people who are fixing up an old Roadster or just need basic help. Manager, Johnny, has also been working with Gordon in Alamo Hot Rod Parts for over 20 years... The 2 are like brothers. "We treat everyone like family here" Johnny mentioned.

While I visited with Gordon and Johnny I was able to see why the business has been thriving for over 3 decades even if it is in a somewhat hidden location. It's the passion they put into their work and into helping others. The rest of the staff at Alamo Hot Rod Parts is also extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They helped clients with questions for parts I had never heard of. Of course, I don't know much but it seemed as if every person that walked in had a different part they had in mind. From "A.N" Adapters, Carburetors, Billet Accessories and Racing Fuel to Chrome accessories, Insulators and fittings... They had it all or helped with it all. Alamo Hot Rod Parts is located in the Northside of San Antonio at 4310 Centergate St. 78217 and they would love for you to stop by if you have questions about your car or just want to "shoot the shit with the guys" as Gordon calls it. The small low key store opens Monday through Friday at 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM and closes for an hour at noon, sometimes. Call them or visit them at or just swing by. Gordon and the crew would love to chat with you about what they love most. Cars.

1957 Chevy Hot Rod
Gordon's Awesome 1957 Chevy

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