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Faceapp Concerns? Here is how to have your photos removed.

The Faceapp has quickly risen to fame a few weeks ago with even some of Hollywood's biggest celebs and athletes using it... But, the fun came to a quick end when Big Bad Russia joined in on the fun. Russia has a bad rep with the US, or depending on who you ask, but I am not sure "that" has anything to do with the Faceapp... We think it's probably 2 programmers that were trying to make some cash and are now world famous for their disclaimer which does say: "You grant Faceapp a perpetual, irrevocable, non exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, fully-paid, transferable sub-licensable license to use, reproduce, modify,adapt, publish etc etc... You get the picture. Gotta love technology huh? To be fair, Google and Facebook have similar or more "concerning" policies but Faceapp is the new thing because, RUSSIA!!!

The company that developed the app did move to the Skolkovo which the Russian Government runs so there is even more cause for concern, however, they did issue out a statement this week saying the pictures do not get transferred to Russia and that the pics are normally deleted within 48 hours, which I suspect is true given the amount of users on it. They also have the features being available without actually login in to the app so the pictures are not really linked to a name or person. Its just a pic. If you google yourself you can probably find pics of you on the net so its not that difficult to get a pic of you off Google for free. They also have a way for users to request deletion of Pics from their servers. Here is how!

Click the Gear icon inside the green circle I drew, when you open the app... Yes it's crooked but Y'all get it...

After that the SETTINGS option should open... Scroll down to "Report Bug and send logs" Which I put a straight line next to on the pic below.

That will prompt you to report any bug. It will open up the email address you have associated with Google Play and you will send an email. Must be titled "PRIVACY" and you need to simply say "Please remove my photos from your servers". They did say they were backed up with requests but they would get to it in time and they are looking for a better way to do this... Also congress is already working on an investigation because the US LOVES investigations... Hope this helps guys!

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