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Modern Day Concrete takes renovation to your home or business to another level.

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Local business Modern Day Concrete has been in business in San Antonio for over 8 years and their product is the biggest reason why businesses and home owners look for their expert service. The main goal, according to Sales Director Will Gutierrez, is to "transform the clients vision into a reality". They work together and very closely with clients who are looking to do or fix their flooring so that there is little to no room for error. With business clients like Adidas, HEB, The North Face, SAPD and even The Four Seasons, their reputation certainly has been one of the reasons for their success. "We take customers great reviews and complaints just as serious" Says Will who stays on top of every detail to assure the best customer service and resolution is provided.

A few years ago Modern Day Concrete was also able to work on the Selena Floor for their museum and has since worked on many other local and National Businesses across the state of Texas. With locations in Dallas and Austin, Modern Day Concrete has been able to expand their expert services all while keeping that local business approach to every job they are awarded. "We are extremely thankful to the San Antonio community in the way they have embraced us. We see that through the recommendations we get from past clients" William said. What separates Modern Day Concrete, in my opinion, is not just the attention to detail on client service, but their staff works together to bring such a beautiful product to their customers. I have seen it for myself and the end result is clean and exceptional. (See pics below)

If you have a business or a home and are looking for some of these services, Modern Day Concrete is not just ahead of the game in experience but also in their professionalism. Whether its Concrete Staining in New Braunfels, an Epoxy Flooring job in Austin or Polished Concrete in San Antonio and Dallas, MDC can help. They are open Monday through Friday 9 AM - 5 PM and Saturday 10 AM - 2 PM and can be reached at 210-514-8158. Check em out online at Give them a call and see for yourself why they are one of San Antonio's top Flooring company!

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