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10 Must Order menu Items In San Antonio Right Now!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

By Joseph Sanchez

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Hello my fellow foodies! Yes, I know, it’s been a while but I haven’t forgotten about you. Honestly this is my favorite list to put together so I wouldn’t miss posting it for the world. With that being said, it’s that time of year again! San Antonio foodies, here they are in no particular order. They are not racked and stacked. Just some really dope dishes you need to check out! So here we go!

RoHo Pork & Bread: Chilakillers

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Chilakillers From Roho Pork & Bread

Chef Jorge Rojo is best known for his authentic take on a Guadalajara street food classic the Torta Ahogada. So if you visit his spot on the Northside of town I won’t blame for sticking to the staple. Now, if you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to enjoy a basket full of savory textures, then I highly recommend the Chilakillers. Crispy house tortilla chips, Savory carnitas, rich/smooth beans, crema Mexicana, pickled onions, and the creamiest queso fresco around. This basket holds simple ingredients but they all harmonize so well together. One of the most addicting meals on this list. Trust, the Chilakillers are a Must!

Location: 8617 N New Braunfels Ave, San Antonio, TX 78217

Hours: Mon-Thu: 11am - 4pm Friday & Sat: 11am - 9pm

Wok This Way: General Tso Spicy Level 10

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Spicy General Tso

Wok This Way has been opened for years now and Chef Paul Aljah has been cooking some of the best Chinese food in San Antonio! The food uses high quality proteins and fresh veggies. Everything is made fresh to order, including the rice! The General Tso is a staple in Chinese Food here in the US and this one is special. If you like spicy food, this one is for you! Ask for it spicy level 10 and add extra fresh jalapenos that are cooked in the wok before everything else is added, put on the plate and delivered to your mouth! Go check them out on Instagram @wokthiswaysa and they also have a website plus they have their own delivery! Call em at 210-657-6666!

Cullum’s Attaboy: The Attaboy Burger

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Cullums Attaboy Burger

Chef Chris Cullum’s new brick and mortar brings back a classic menu item that many around these parts have long been awaiting, The Attaboy Burger. It consists of quality Meat, Cheese, Bacon & a Sunny Side Up Egg. It’s everything you imagine in a good tasty burger. Super flavorful and some of the best fries on the side to complete this killer combo. Enjoy it at their historic little comforting spot with all day jazz music filling up the air space. This place is a tribute to the Chef’s late father, San Antonio Jazz legend and savage cornetist James Albert Cullum Jr and you literally feel the old school vibes when you dine here. Listen, It’s the only burger on the list and the one you gotta try right now!

Location: 111 Kings Ct, San Antonio, TX 78212

Hours: Wed - Sun: 9am - 10pm

El Milagrito: Chalupa Robert

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Chalupa Robert From Milagrito Cafe

Normally a menu item like a chalupa would be on the outside looking in on a list like this, but this is no regular chalupa. The Chalupa Robert is an experience. The house made tostada layered with beans, picadillo, a sunny side up egg, chipotle salsa, and avocado. This chalupa has inviting textures, creamy notes, flavors, and nostalgic Mexican food comfort. A chalupa for the ages with stand alone power and a menu item you gotta try today, Just make sure you order 2 because you will definitely want another one!

Location: 521 E Woodlawn Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212

Hours: Mon - Fri: 6am - 3pm Sat & Sun: 7:30am - 3pm

La Generala: Costilla de Puerco en Salsa Verde QuesaTaco.

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Costilla De Puerco Taco From La Generala

Easily my favorite taco right now! This truck’s food is beautiful reminder of what food from the motherland really tastes like. The Costillas de Puerco en salsa verde QuesaTaco is one of the Best tacos you can find in the city right now. Tender pork ribs stewed in a green salsa for hours are what dreams are made of. Hand made Nixtamal tortillas made right there on the truck let’s you know you’re having a proper taco. It’s saucy, savory, cheesy, and full of flavor. It’s the one taco you need to track down today!

Location: 1800 Callaghan, San Antonio, TX 78228

Hours: Wed - Sat: 9:30am - 5pm

Alebrije Bakery: La Concha

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Alebrije Concha

I know what you’re thinking, “Really, a Concha?” but for a pastry to make this list, it’s gotta be solid. They do not play around with their offerings at Alebrije Bakery. They add a modern twist to a traditional Mexican sweet bread and they’re sensational! Their entire selection is solid, but the stand out is definitely the concha. It’s soft, airy, slightly sweeter than most traditional conchas and when paired with your favorite cup of coffee it makes for a great sweet start to your day. Listen, I slept on this spot for a while and I regret not visiting them sooner. So don’t be like me, pull up on them and order the concha post haste!

Location: 1931 N New Braunfels Ave, San Antonio, TX 78208

Hours: Fri 7am - 1pm Sat & Sun: 9am - 2pm

Ghost Town Pizza: PB&J (Pepperoni, Bacon, Jalapeño) Slice.

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Delicious Pizza From Ghost Town Pizza

There is always room for a really nice slice of pizza pie on this list, and Ghost Town made the cut this year. Their PB&J slice holds weight in flavor and is also easy on the wallet. At $5.50 a slice 2 will definitely hold you over. Good quality Pepperoni, Bacon and Jalapeños really set this slice off, but their crust really brings it home. It’s toasty crispy with a nice little crunch on the bite. They’re attached to Faust Tavern so grab yourself a drink and enjoy a dope slice. Pro Tip: Have them drizzle some Ghost Pepper Sauce on it to add some creamy spicy notes.

Location: 517 E Woodlawn Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 4pm-2am

Pound It Food Truck: The Pound Fried Rice Bowl

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Fried Rice Bowl From Pound It Food Truck

Chef Jeremy Casas’s fried rice concept is one that more people should hear about. Having grown up in the L.A. area fried rice could be found everywhere. To him this is nostalgic comfort food and the reason he want to share it with San Antonio. This is one of the best bowls of fried rice you can find anywhere around here. He blends Asian flavors well with this bowl and allows you to choose your specific protein. Anything from Chicken Teriyaki, Smoked Pork Belly, and Texas style smoked brisket. This is a super savory and flavorful bowl that tenaciously has you digging for the bottom. This is a must order tasty bowl that is well presented and not camera shy. Grab your chop sticks and order this bowl!

Location: 2020 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78215 - Hours: Tue - Sat: 5pm - 10pm

Sazón Mexican Café: The Puffy Taco

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Puffy Tacos from Sazon Mexican Cafe

There’s probably no other food more synonymous to San Antonio than the Puffy Taco. It was created here. This city loves it. It’s also one menu item that many Tex-Mex restaurants try to recreate so it’s name finds itself printed on many slightly greasy laminated menus in this city. So when a place does one well I feel obligated to let y’all know. Sazón Mexican Café does one really well. Puffy, with a wafer like crispiness to the tortilla is what we expect in a puffy taco. Stuff it with your filling of choice. Beef, Chicken, Asada, or my favorite Carne Guisada. Grated cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and the house made salsa. Whenever you can impress me with a menu item I’ve had a thousand times before, you’re doing it right. You gotta try this puffy taco!

*Sazon is currently in the process of reopening their brand new restaurant and should be opening sometime in August of 2023!! Get ready!*

Location: 10015 Potranco Rd Ste 110, San Antonio, TX 78251

Pete’s Chicken Shack: The Dirty Bird

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The Dirty Bird from Pete's Chicken Shack

Probably the most comforting menu item on this list and definitely the most decadent is the Dirty Bird from Pete’s Chicken Shack. Now, stay with me here, chopped crispy Nashville chicken tenders, Pete’s award winning mac & cheese, fries, come back sauce, and a whole lot of deliciousness. This is comfort held in the palm of your hand and a super popular menu item from this truck. Chefs Kevin Ortiz & Ceasar Hernandez are taking southern comfort food to next level with this one. They’ve made a home run of a dish and we are the lucky ones that get to enjoy it! Trust me, you need to pull up to this truck with out hesitation!

Location: 1009 Avenue B, San Antonio, TX 78215

Hours: Thur & Fri: 5pm - 10pm Sat: 12pm - 10p Sun: 12pm - 9pm

Well, there you have it. Run! Don’t walk. These dishes are worth your attention. So which dish would you have added to this list. Leave us a comment. Until next time, stay hungry San Antonio.

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