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Social Media

Social Media has changed the way we market and advertise our business. The culture has shifted to an always present, always changing and the struggle to remain relevant lies in the consistent message businesses are sending out to potential and everyday clients. We can handle this for your business. The problem Business Owners face with Social Media more than anything else is TIME. As a Business Owner you don't have time to be updating your status everyday, or posting the latest picture or making sure your business account is active within the Social Media community. We can get this done for you!

Our Social media plans rely heavily on Daily creative content, Daily postings and sponsored ads. Yes, you read that correctly. Our Social Media plans have sponsored ads already included in them. 

We will set up a plan with you on what works best for your business and evaluate your clientele. After we put a plan of action in place we execute. If your business needs to grow followers, we focus on acquiring new users or if your business needs to push a product then we attack that plan strategically. Let us manage your social media while you focus ONLY ON YOUR BUSINESS. You will always have the peace of mind that you are not tied to any contract, you have access to reach us at any time, and any campaign we are doing for you can be changed. 

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What is Included?


Grow your brand through Social Media. If your goal is to make a name for your business, associate your work to a specific clientele or lifestyle, Social Media is a great route to take. Grow your brand and Be Known!


Use Social Media to tell a story. If you own a restaurant and your story is to let users know you have the best food in your city, we can tell that story for you. It will help everyday clients and potential ones where to go eat next time they want the food you serve. This applies to any industry. Let us tell that story for you!


Let us Be handle the creative for you. Have a special event for your business and you need a flyer for your Social Media boost? It is included when we manage your Social Media at no additional cost! The Design team we have has the tools and creative experience to make your posts and advertisements get the attention they need! 


Our Social Media plans are not just about sponsored ads, they include daily postings as well. Depending on business needs postings may happen twice or even 3 times a day. WHatever is needed to achieve maximum results. People need to see an ad a minimum of 6 times so they can remember it later therefore consistency is one of the most important tools in Social Media. Let us do this for you!

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