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Social Media Promotion!

How is your Social Media Strategy working?

Social Media is an increasingly popular way to target a wide ranging amount of clients. With many potential clients and businesses having social accounts it is an easy way to entice people to see your products. The problem many business owners run into is time. More than strategy, knowledge and creative content the main problem business owners have is time! We can help with everything. We will plan with you, get you the knowledge you need to make better decisions with your social media marketing, we will also create eye catching content and best of all we will give you the TIME back to focus only on your business. We will handle the rest! 

Have Social Media work for you! Get you new leads, keep your business fresh in the eyes of already existing customers, show your products and grow your business! Our Social Media Plans don't just include daily posts... They also include Sponsored Ads! Message us so we can plan with you and Grow Your Business!

  • Daily postings on Facebook

  • Minimum 20 postings on a 2nd platform (Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc etc)

  • Sponsored Ads

  • Creative Content

  • Strategic Planning

  • No Contracts!

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