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4 Quick things you can do today to improve your Google SEO Rankings!

Getting ranked on Google is a slow and methodical process that cannot be rushed... However, there are some things you need to absolutely do to help you get there. Sure there are a few basics like Making sure you have a optimized website and choosing the right keywords. Having said that, there are other simple ways to help your ranking that many businesses forget or simply don't do. Check the list below and see if you guys are doing these...

4. Make sure your mobile site is user friendly! Focus on having a easy to use and load mobile site as Google is putting more focus on the mobile user. About 55% of your traffic will be through mobile device so make sure it loads quickly, its easy to use, and all links work.

3. Publish better content. This will not only help drive traffic to your site... It will also attract potential clients. Make sure your website has this option, if not Contact your "Web guy" and have him/her add it... Or WE CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT!

2. Make sure you don't have duplicate content. HTTP and HTTPS are seen as double, so make sure you have the correct redirection set up... You can solve this today!

1. Make sure your site loads quick. If you have a site with very large files and huge images it may take longer to load. Having a quick load time is imperative in having a better SEO. Make those changes now!

I know some of these things may or may not seem easy to do BUT you guys should have an IT guy/gal or a computer guy/gal or web guy/gal. Many times these are missed or it is just knowledge not known... All these can be done in one seating and if you guys need help LET US KNOW! One more thing with SEO... BE PATIENT!

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