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7 Food Trucks You Should Not Sleep On in 2022!

By Joe Sanchez

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Hello my fellow foodies! I know, I know, it’s been a while, but if you knew how the back half of my year went last year you’d understand. Regardless, I’m back, I’ve regrouped, and I’ve assembled a list of food trucks that you absolutely cannot sleep on in 2022! Its the new year so why not kick off our first "Food Table" blog with none other than with grub trucks not many folks know about that deliver some high quality food. So if you want to be in the know and beat the lines that will build in popularity here soon, this is your sign!

Pound It (Food Truck)

Pound It is the city’s 1st and only fried rice concept. Located at the Pink Hill this food truck delivers with one of the tastiest bowls of fried rice you can find here or in any of the surrounding areas, this I promise you. They sell it by the pound either half pound or a full pound and these bowls come with ample amounts of flavor. This is an Asian fusion rice bowl cooked Shanghai style but with other elements from Asia like kimchi and a Kewpi mayo sauce. With these bowls you can choose your protein. It ranges from teriyaki chicken to the savory and immaculate smoked pork belly. The bowl comes with the meat fused inside the bowl as well as over top of the rice bowl. Add a sunny side up egg and you have one of the prettiest bowls of rice you can find in the city. Set your alarm clock for this food truck, because you’re not gonna want to snooze on it anymore.

Location: The Pink Hill, 2012 Broadway, San Antonio TX, 78215

Hours: Tue - Thur 5-10pm Fri & Sat 5 - 12am

Vicious Eats

Vicious Eats is a fairly new truck to the scene which is why not many have heard of it. Chaz Morales ventured off on her own once the covid cuts affected her employment like they had for so many. Now in her Punk Rock homage-paying food truck, she is putting out some tasty in your face burgers with attitude. Burgers and chicken sandwiches that make your hands look small while holding them with big flavor to boot. The Vicious Burger (named after punk rocker of the Sex Pistols Sid Vicious) is a massive handful of meat, cheese and sauce. They use Quality ingredients like Peeler Farms Beef and locally sourced bread from The Box. These ingredients are what separates her burger from the others. Breakfast sandwiches have also made an appearance on her menu and they do look ridiculously tasty. They can be found at The Rose Bush so don’t let the year go by without visiting this truck.

Location: 2301 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio TX, 78212

Hours: Tuesday- Thursday 12 - 9pm Friday & Saturday 12 - 10pm

El Sueño de Lola

Chef Lola Carrizales’s dream since she was a young girl was to operate a food truck, so you’re not going to find California inspired Mexican food made with more love than you will here. Located at The Farm food truck park, Chef Lola delivers with burritos, Tortas, hand made tortillas and some of the best Baja Shrimp Tacos you’ll find in the city. Her pilgrimage started in Durango Mexico to California and now residing in San Antonio where you can taste her recipes that have been inspired by her mother and the areas where she’s resided in. Her food delivers comfort in a way a mother’s hug brings solace. This is one of those trucks you should stop sleeping on this year!

Location: 9599 Braun rd. San Antonio TX, 78254

Hours: Thur & Friday 4 - 8pm Sat 12 - 8pm

Stone Bros. Pizza

Stone Bros. Is that under the radar pizza truck that dishing out one solid pies. Chef Justin Limburg has amassed over 30 years of pizza making experience working for Chef Wolfgang Puck and Chef Ed LeDou. His pizza dough starter is 140 years old from the fisherman’s warf and it tells in their crust. Nice crispy outside soft doughy insides with subtle smokey notes from their wood fire oven. Not being too active on social media has made Stone Bros. a sleeper of a pie, but word of mouth is catching and this small pizza trailer is growing in popularity by the day. Don’t sleep on this truck and find out why this is the dopest wood fire pizza on wheels.

Location & Hours: Visit their website calendar for details.

Pete’s Chicken Shack

Pete’s Chicken Shack is probably the most popular food truck on this list. I believe their previous location discouraged folks from making the pilgrimage out there. However, their new location should draw more people their way as they now can be found at El Camino food truck park slightly north of downtown San Antonio. Owners/Operators Kevin & Ceasar are bringing traditional Nashville Style Hot Chicken with 5 different heat levels. They specialize in fried tenders & chicken sandwiches and all their offerings are worth the trip. Crispy, Juicy, Flavorful and Comforting are all the adjectives I would use to describe their bird. It’s probably the most traditional rendition of Nashville Hot you’ll find in the city and super flavorful to boot, so that information alone should make you want to get off the couch to come try them.

Location: El Camino Food Truck Park 1009 Avenue B, San Antonio, TX 78215

Hours: Wed - Fri 5 - 10pm Sat 2 - 10pm Sun 12 - 9pm

Aroma (Food Truck)

Chef Jaime Hernandez made some noise in 2021 with his last food truck venture. After a falling out with his partner and a short hiatus he is gracing us again in his new food truck: AROMA. Located at El Camino this truck has taken more of a fusion approach with his Asian/Mexican concept. Pictured here is his Yokisoba stir fry noodles with Korean style pork belly burnt ends. So much depth of flavor in those carnitas along side those noodles really make this a remarkable bowl. If you think the 2021 Taco Throw Down Champ is no longer pushing tacos, then fear not. Tacos are always on the menu and he is still building some very interesting Trompos (Al pastor tacos). Even though this chef has already made a name for himself this past year, not many know he is operating out of a new food truck. So definitely do not sleep on Aroma food truck in 2022!

Location: El Camino Food Truck Park 1009 Avenue B, San Antonio, TX 78215

Hours: Thur 5 - 10pm, Fri 5 -11pm, Sat 2 - 11pm, Sun 12 - 8pm

La Generala (Food Truck)

In the last 2 to 3 years I’ve noticed a slight boom in traditional Mexican food spots here in the city. I love seeing the food from the mother land showing a strong presence in the Tex-Mex food Mecca that is San Antonio Texas. One of these spots that has garnered some recent deserving attention is a little food truck just off Callahan rd. La Generala is a Mother/Son duo operated food truck offering traditional Mexican fare with recipes from Michoacán and Tamaulipas Mexico. They specialize in tacos de guisados and hand made Nixtamal tortillas that are nothing short of tasty comfort.

They make tasty dishes like their Generala plate that consists of stewed pork ribs in a green salsa, al pastor, nopalitos (cactus) and beans. This dish automatically transported me to a state of zen that is only found in food that hits close to the soul. This food reminds me of meals shared at home. Steaming pots of stewed meats and fresh local ingredients. Flavors marrying into one another to form a harmonious savory offering. Coming from a Mexican-American background these are meals of our homes. Recipes that date back to the years of my ancestors. There’s just something very exceptional about food trucks like these. Humble folks making authentic Mexican food with love. This is the surge of food I’d like to see more of in the city this new year. La Generala is definitely a truck that should no longer be slept on.

Location: 1803 Callahan Rd. San Antonio Texas 78228

Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 9:30am - 5:30pm

Thanks for reading folks. I hope this list provides you with a memorable food experience and perhaps a place where you find yourself become a regular. So which truck are you visiting first? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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