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Blogging and a better SEO rank? Yes! The 2 are connected!

Right now at this very second someone is blogging about a topic related to your business and you are not. Blogging has become extremely popular on websites for a number of reasons. Some people just like to share info (like us!) and some people understand that delivering interesting and "catchy" or important content will drive more people, AKA Potential clients, to their site!

Right now if you have access to your website, or you have a "web guy" tell them or him or her to add a "Blog" page to it... Share your knowledge on whatever your industry is. If you are a flooring company share why it is important to have these type of floors vs. other floors. If you are a Taco restaurant share a recipe... Or why San Antonio Taco are 100 times better than Austin Tacos (Just stating facts)... Point is, whatever the topic is will drive people to your site if you have something interesting to say or write about. Your blog does not need to be a book like post and it shouldn't be just 4 or 5 sentences. Make sure you are sharing knowledge on something that has helped you or helped a client of yours. The more interesting the more people will click on it. The more it is shared and the more visitors the website gets.

How does this help with Google? Well Google is always looking for the Best user experience. If your blog is shared around the world and Google sees that it is delivering important or popular content it will help boost your ranking! Like I mentioned at the beginning someone is blogging and you are not, most of your competition is not having a blog... Because it takes a few minutes of your time, or they don't think it is useful (even though it is) or they don't want to. Want to have a marketing advantage on your competition? Blog away guys! If you have questions on this shoot me an email! We love to help businesses!!

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