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Chef Spotlight: Chef Megan Cereal Killer Sweets Pastry House

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

By Joe Sanchez

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Sometimes, the very thing we were meant to do was standing right in front of us the whole time. Only when we are ready, does the path reveal itself. Chef Megan Morales of Cereal Killer Sweets never saw her self owning a bakery. Hell, if you asked her before it all started, being a baker was never an option. She knew the bakers life, her mother lived it. Gone to work before the sun came up and home after the sun set. The insurmountable hours and effort this processes required was something “at that time” Megan was not up for, but one thing she did not expect was just how therapeutic baking actually was. It kept her mind busy, focused, and let her frolic about in the realms of creativity. Something she would later be known for.

Cereal Killer Sweets

Megan’s path started in 2015 as she found herself back in San Antonio when her and sister Marina started a cottage bakery selling pies, cookies, and brownies. This endeavor later fizzled and then led to their run in the popcorn business. Still, the desire to put out pastries and baked good would remain ever constant. This new venture was a family effort where Megan, Marina, and their mother Lisa aka (Mama Cereal Killer) would help run Pinks Popcorn. There was some success at Pinks but for Chef Megan, the popcorn game didn’t feel like a good fit. Nevertheless, she gained great business experience from running Pinks. Experience that would pay dividends in the future.

By this time her homemade cereal treats that would often be sold at Pinks, had started gaining some attention. This is where she shifted from popcorn to cereal treats and gave birth to the concept we now know as Cereal Killer Sweets (CKS). Once the word about CKS started getting out there in the city there was no stopping it. They hit pop-ups hard. In fact, this is when CKS first got my attention. Now, I gotta be honest, my first impressions of hearing about a cereal treat concept didn’t necessarily have me lining up at one of their pop-ups. It wasn’t until they opened up their brick and mortar bakery, off Patricia, that I couldn’t sleep on them any longer to try them.

Cereal Killer Sweets Cookies

The cereal killers are what put them on the map, and rightfully so. They were made with quality ingredients and with the love and happiness of a baker who seemed to have found her home. Epic squares of sticky nostalgia were glued to the memories of early Saturday morning cartoons. I was grown man enjoying a treat that made me feel like a kid again. That is special! I love that "kid" cereal led to Chef Megan’s no-boundaries-like creativity in her kitchen, because while she still made cereal treats, she also busy thinking of cookie flavors.

Cookies being made at CKS were a bit of a fluke. Where there location is now, used to be a place where cookies were sold. After a people kept coming in and asking for cookies, Chef thought "why not give them what they want?" And boy did she do just that! These cookies were no slouches. Big, chunky, sweet, decadent, comfort is the best way to describe them. Some cookies even reaching a pound! The cookies are also what got CKS some national recognition. When Covid hit they focused on delivery and online order only. This meant that anyone who saw them on Instagram could get a hold of them. Her cookies have seen many states and still to this day Washington State and New Jersey are some of their big supporters in deliveries at CKS.

Cereal Killer Sweets Donuts

Now Megan is never one to remain too stagnant especially in creating, which is why the CKS pastry house came to be. The pastry house shows a strong presence in baked goods from brownies to stuffed croissants. Always mixing it up with flavor creations and combinations never a basic pastry to be found. What they do here is fun food made by fun people. Also just announcing that they will be making donuts out of the pastry house as well. There are fun treats to be had at CKS no doubt about it. With creativity moving like a revolving door. Megan once mentioned that if you see something you like order it and get it now, because chances are it won’t be there the next day. This is a true statement having personally experienced this situation and missed out on some treats the hard way. Cereal Killer Sweets are making some of the best pastries in San Antonio with quality and love all due to the patience, resiliency, and commitment of Chef Megan Morales to her craft.

Perhaps baking didn’t seem like the ideal job for Chef Morales early on in life, but it seemed to always be waiting there for her when she was ready. This city of San Antonio is all the better that she did find her solace in baking. Even though it’s sometimes over looked, I’ve seen folks celebrate their birthdays with cakes made with their treats. Their Brownies and Cookies are shared during happy events. Cereal Killers Sweets gives you something to physically enjoy during those happy moments. Something to feed your belly and soul when times are good, and that’s saying a lot. So for those happy moments when you are there, We Thank You Chef Megan.

You can find Chef Megan Morales and all of her delicious goodies at

Hours: Fri & Sat 10 am to Sellout

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