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File's Burgers: How This Puro San Antonio Burger Joint Is One Of The City's Best!

By Hermes Jimenez

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The San Antonio food scene has improved drastically in the last few years. Upscale eateries have opened up, mid scale joints and many mom and pop restaurants have also made a respectable dent in the overall San Antonio food experience. File's Burgers is the epitome of what many local foodies dream about. A fairly priced, locally owned, delicious food making restaurant. I have been to File's Burgers not enough times as I wish it was closer to my house. However, everytime I make the trip to their southside location it is always worth the ride!

File's Burgers Deluxe Burgers
Bacon Deluxe Burger

File's Burgers opened up during the Christmas season in 2018. It is privately owned by, who I like to call, Mr. Filemon. This small "hole in the wall" spot is also managed by his sons who are always working the restaurant. Rodrigo, Juan, Hector and Diego are all either college graduates or are still in school while they also help out with the complete management of the family business. Mr. Filemon has over 30 years of restaurant experience and while he has managed some of San Antonio's favorite eateries, he always had a dream and goal in mind: To open his own restaurant. File's Burgers serves Burgers, Chalupas, crispy tacos and Nachos. All recipes were created by Mr. Filemon. The burgers taste great and that's because everything is fresh. The meat is good quality and the burgers are simple. Simplicity at its best, is what I call it. You will NOT find a concha burger or anything that feels like a gimmick or over served. Their Bacon Deluxe burger is a simply made masterpiece of bacon, fresh veggies on a big ass beef patty. Sure, it does not sound like much but the details are in this burger. The meat is high quality, the seasoning is on point and the veggies are always freshly cut. Yes, fresh cut veggies make a huge difference! The burger fills you up without ever making you feel like you need a 2 hour nap afterwards. It is just perfect. Their Low Carb burger is something that was created from a customer suggestion. That just goes to show File's burgers is not just open to suggestions, but they understand the needs of customers. The Low Carb Burger is similar to any of their burgers except it just lettuce wrapped, for all you health buffs. The friendly service is always on point here and the restaurant feels very homey with its nostalgic decor and not over crowded tables. Their nachos, chalupas and the rest of the burgers are always made with care and the love that Mr. Filemon has always shown in his food. I have tried 5 of their different burgers and the nachos, chalupas and crispy tacos. The Bacon Deluxe with cheese is my favorite!

Restaurant Marketing
Files Burgers

File's Burgers will soon be celebrating their 3 year anniversary in December. When covid hit the city last year and half the world had no clue what was going on File's Burgers managed to stay afloat without much Govt. Assistance. They kept things simple, honest and didn't cut corners. The burgers kept being made and the neighborhood embraced them. If you drive by File's Burgers you may think they are in an odd area, and you may be right! The location is very residential, but that is also part of the charm of this burger joint as it adds to their simplicity. File's recently scored a 100 in their health inspection which is more of a reason to swing by and enjoy your next fresh, juicy and very delicious hamburguesa! This is in my top 3 burger spots in San Antonio. File's Burgers closed Sunday and Monday but Tue - Sat they are open from 11am-8pm.

You can follow them on Instagram @filesburgers and on Facebook @File's Burgers

They are located at 543 Ceralvo St, San Antonio, TX 78207

They can be reached at 210-267-1330 Website:

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