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Las Catrinas, in the Medical Center, brings a ton of Flavor, Culture and Options in new buffet spot!

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

San Antonio is saturated with Mexican food. Some options are great while others are basically replicas of each other. Las Catrinas stands out not just because it is a Mexican Buffet restaurant but also because the food is delicious. If there is ever a gripe about local buffet joints is that all the food tastes the same or lacks flavor. Las Catrinas does not have that problem at all!

Las Catrinas is family owned and operated by the Barreda Family. Its is managed by daughters Paola and Helena with their parents Vicente and Rosa. They all make sure to keep the flavors and service top notch and the food tasting delicious and truly authentic. The family comes from a long line of successful restaurants across Texas and they make sure to always bring that northern Mexico flavor. "The goal is to make sure people feel the flavors are authentic and takes them back to those 'grandma' recipes and flavors" Paola said. They want to make sure that all the food has its own authentic taste. Las Catrinas has their buffet all day and Thursday - Saturday they have ALL YOU CAN EAT MINI TACOS from 4-9pm! That is a straight up challenge to anyone who loves tacos! Las Catrinas also does catering for big events and parties!

We tried the food and absolutely approve of it. The spaghetti verde, picadillo, Mexican enchiladas and flautitas all were delicious. The soups were also spot on. We tried the lentejas (lentil soup) and the fideo and it took us all back to childhood as they had that homemade flavor we all love. Las Catrinas is not just another "buffet" spot in San Antonio. It's going to be a successful restaurant simply because the flavors are there. Everything has a distinct taste and that is rarely the case in buffet joints. The Barreda family is looking for the local community to embrace it and we don't see a reason why they wouldn't. Las Catrinas can be reached 210- 437-0029 and are located at 7271 Wurzbach Rd Ste 102 San Antonio, TX 78240 in the shopping center next to the Mcdonald's.

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