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Naco Mexican Eatery: An Expedition From Attorney To Taquero

By: Joe Sanchez

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Hello fellow foodies, and welcome back to the blog for an inside look of one San Antonio’s most beloved food trucks. For those of you not familiar with this series. “In the Belly of the Beast” The Food Truck Chronicles, started as an outlet. A way to share some stories of the food truck I started working in last year with Sari-Sari Filipino Restaurant, Jeepney Street Eats. It was initially made to document the events that were happening with me in the truck, but I gave this series to the city. Now I use it as a way to share the inside stories from those food trucks with their pumping generators on slanging the best street food the River city has to offer. The tickets are stories. This is ticket number 10.

“In the Belly of the Beast” The Food Truck Chronicles: Ticket # 10 Naco Mexican Eatery

Imagine chasing a profession your whole life. The countless hours of study, those long coffee laced nights, and all the little sacrifices made along the way losing sleep and acquaintances. Always pushing yourself towards that one goal to make a better life for yourself. A better life for your family. You reach it and you try to be the best at what you do. Now imagine moving to another country and those numerous hours you put in towards your career, are now all erased. What would you do? Would you suck it up and start over? Would you pack it in and quit? Or would you become a taquero?

Francisco Estrada was a lawyer in Mexico City before he and his wife Lizzeth Martinez moved here to the Alamo City. Having been a lawyer in Mexico the assumption was to continue his practice here in Texas. After finding out that practicing law in the United States would require an additional 5 years of studying and the burden of student loans, they switched focus and turned to something they already had a passion for in the motherland, food.

In Mexico Francisco & Lizzeth had done some work in a bakery and some experience in catering, so there was always the itch to pursue something food related. When the opportunity presented itself they invested in a food truck “Naco Mexican Eatery” and sought to put out the best tacos and Mexican food in San Antonio.

Using family recipes handed down from their parents and grandparents this truck produces humble home style Mexican food that feeds the soul. They have offerings served over traditional blue corn tortillas as well as flour. The flavors are what you would expect from a traditional Mexican food truck. Home cooking with south of the border flavor that are savory, hearty, and comforting. Also for me, nostalgic.

Pushing menu items like the Chilaquiles Torta with brisket. A king’s order of a meal. The sandwich alone is all you need to last you the day. An artisanal style bun houses a slow cooked savory shredded brisket. Topped with crispy chilaquiles, spinach, onions and queso fresco. This Torta packs a punch and if you’re only going to be able to squeeze one meal during your busy day, this Torta should be it! It is paired with potato chips and a cup of the most flavorful black beans I’ve experienced.

Or how bout a low carb option like the Keto Taco with asada. They melt down and flatten out a creamy cheese until it crisps up then fill it with the usual suspects in a taco. Asada meat, cilantro, onions and avocado make this a healthy Keto friendly option that will satisfy your appetite as well as hit your daily macros.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Torta was ridiculously delicious but what really was the highlight of this visit for me was the Huitlacoche Taco. This taco has a dark look. Indicative of a taco that should be taken seriously. The blue corn tortilla sets as the foundation along with a layer of melty cheese with just the right amount of pull. Huitlacoche has many names but “Mexican Truffle” is my favorite. It is a fungus that grows on organic corn that when properly prepared gives off smokey earthy notes. Bits of corn still reside within the fungus that produce little small explosions of texture. This taco is topped with queso fresco, cilantro, and onion to make it a taco that is deserving of your attention. A must order!

Listen, I understand that being a lawyer and using your knowledge of law for good is a highly respected profession that is held in high regard. But, being an acclaimed taquero who makes some of the city’s most flavorful and comforting street food is not a bad back up plan, if you ask me.

Come visit this truck in their little corner at 2347 Nacogdoches Rd.

Follow them on Instagram @nacomexican


Mon - Fri 7am to 2pm

Sat - 7am to Noon

Sun - Closed

Have you been to Naco? Let us know what you think! See you guys soon on the next blogging episode of In The Belly Of The Beast!


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