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San Antonio Favorite, Sazon, Opens Bigger, Better, Boozier New Location!

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

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Sazon Puffy Taco

By Hermes Jimenez Follow on Instagram hermz_sa_food_dude

Sazon Mexican Cafe has been a San Antonio favorite restaurant ever since it opened back in 2008. The local "hole in the wall" joint has homemade style food that the Sanchez brothers (Javier and Fernando) got from their mother and grandmother. The food is simple, comforting and very reasonably priced. Their small restaurant is about to get a HUGE makeover!

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New Sazon Restaurant

The new location is almost catty corner from where they are currently at right now but this new location will not only keep serving the Sazon classics such as Puffy Tacos, Cheese Enchiladas, Menudo, barbacoa, and awesome breakfast tacos, it will also have a few new menu items! A big addition to their menu will be a full bar. Customers can now enjoy a drink while they eat their favorite enchiladas or just join the family restaurant for happy hour. The new restaurant will also have outdoor seating in their new patio, a small kids area, and their own convenient parking.

Sazon Mexican Cafe has had a long journey. The new location was hoping to open last year but covid slowed everything down. The owners have had a huge hill to climb with added costs on food, materials and the employee shortage that is haunting all of the local San Antonio restaurants. Fortunately this small restaurant has the loyalty of their current employees as owner, Javier "Javi" Sanchez says "Our employees are the backbone of our business. We love our staff". For Sazon the challenge now, before they open, is to find more staff as their new location is going to be open longer hours. Sazon is currently hiring waitstaff, cooks and bartenders. Resumés can be sent to their Facebook as a direct message.

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Javi's Special

The new Sazon is looking to open in the early days of July and they're expecting to have their regulars plus a new crowd joining the fun. More updates from the restaurant will be coming in the next few days. Meanwhile the regular Sazon that has served 1000's of San Antonians is still open and delivering their famous family recipes but be sure to look for the grand opening in the next few weeks. The new Sazon will be located at 10015 Potranco rd. They just debuted a new website and we cannot wait to visit them. Have you been to Sazon mexican Cafe? Will you be going? Let us know!

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