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Social Media and SEO... Name a more Iconic duo??

With Google always staying one step ahead of the User Experience it is important to understand how Social Media can be an impactful tool in helping your SEO. Any outdated SEO can get you penalized by google, and we all know they run the world, so we have to make sure to always have fresh content and keep your site visitors engaged. Think of Social Media as a visual link to your business.

Social Media is a very visual tool that can help your visitors stay engaged... However, It doesn't have to be pictures, it can be a quiz or a good blog. If you own a restaurant, for example, some quality pictures can entice a follower to see what else you have to offer... Or any specials? Or Happy Hour? and that equals more site visitors. Its important to understand that it's not about visitors, its about content. Your content must be engaging to not have your visitors "bounce" from your web page. A high bounce percentage will get you penalized from Google, so just be careful. Combining Social Media in your strategy will definitely help your SEO which makes for a very dynamic duo (Think Batman and Robin)...

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Agree or Disagree? Hit me up!

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